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Our Story

We started Picardy for purely selfish reasons - we wanted to make our classrooms and lecture halls more engaging by making our students work outside of our teaching more meaningful. We built Picardy out of our experiences and by listening to our students, both their wants and needs, and continue to do so today.

Our Mission

We strive to provide engaging, high-quality, and easy-to-use learning technology for music students of all levels. We believe that the role of the teacher is crucial to student success and that no technology can ever replace them. We develop content that allows teachers to focus on deeper-level problems in the too little and too valuable face-to-face time they have with their students.

Our Pedagogy

We introduce content in smaller, manageable chunks, with an emphasis on carefully sequenced repetition. We employ very basic game elements to help promote a greater level of interest and engagement. We increase difficulty level in smaller increments, allowing for more long term interactivity and practice without becoming overwhelming.

Our People

We are teachers, composers, theorists, and musicians. We earned masters and doctoral degrees in music theory and composition and have years of experience teaching young beginners through college music majors. We are passionate about education and are committed to fulfilling and surpassing the wants and needs of teachers and students.

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