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Our Mission

We strive to provide engaging, high-quality, and easy-to-use learning technology for music students of all levels. We believe that the role of the teacher is crucial to student success and that no technology can ever replace them. We develop content that allows teachers to focus on deeper-level problems in the too little and too valuable face-to-face time they have with their students.

Our Story

Picardy is focused on the premise that developing musicianship — which includes music theory, aural skills/ear-training, and sight-singing — is a crucial part in the education of a music student, but that the current available resources are low in quality, not comprehensive enough, lacked other components, or all of the above.

Our People

We are teachers, composers, theorists, and musicians. We earned masters and doctoral degrees in music theory and composition and have years of experience teaching young beginners through college music majors. We are passionate about education and are committed to fulfilling and surpassing the wants and needs of teachers and students.

Our Pedagogy

We introduce content in smaller, manageable chunks, with an emphasis on carefully sequenced repetition. We employ very basic game elements to help promote a greater level of interest and engagement. We increase difficulty level in smaller increments, allowing for more long term interactivity and practice without becoming overwhelming.

Your Experience

Effective learning technology not only begins with great content and pedagogy, but an easy-to-use interface. We keep things clean and simple and only use good quality sound samples or better. Never General MIDI.

Are you on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or all of these? Picardy runs right in your favorite browser, so you can use it anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices, as long as you have an internet connection.

Students and teachers can also keep track of progress made in Picardy. Not only what you’ve completed, but the number of attempts, how it compares with the rest of your class, or if you succeeded with a perfect mark.

What's in a Name?

Picardy is a noun. It's a region in France (Picardie) and a major chord in the final harmony of a piece of music in the minor mode, created by raising the third of the chord by a half-step. Also called tierce de Picardie. It was a common practice to end a piece of music on a major chord, despite the rest of the music being in minor.

Striving for Excellence

We're always adding new features and content so please feel free to contact us or tweet us @picardylearning with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!

Meet the Picardy Team

  • Paul Marbach

    Paul Marbach


    Software Engineer, Web Architect, and Technical Lead. Composer of acoustic and electronic music, as well as music for the stage. Rarely has time to sleep. Loves penguins. Degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Hermes Camacho

    Hermes Camacho, DMA


    Content, Product, and General Lead. Coffee addict and a terrible fantasy footballer. Lecturer in theory/comp at UIW (San Antonio). Band and orch conductor at Austin Soundwaves and Board Director at El Sistema, USA.

  • Cassie Shankman

    Cassie Shankman


    Marketing Lead. Makes people's lives better (mostly through her music) while searching for the broader meaning of life. Film composer, jazz pianist, travel wiz. Degrees from UT-Austin and Berklee College of Music.

  • Tucker Bickler

    Tucker Bickler


    Senior Engineer, cyclist, all-around nice guy. Camping dude and all related issues a must. Proud middle school choir alum. B.S. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Alex Newton

    Alex Newton, PhD


    Head of Content Strategy and Design. Musician: theorist, pianist, and guitar dabbler. Writes on film about music and sound design (or really anything else that comes to mind) with a masters and doctorate from UT-Austin.

  • Katelyn Horn

    Katelyn Horn, MM, MA


    Support Lead, Content Specialist, music theorist, cognition expert, pianist. Board games required. Areas of expertise in theory and cognition, with degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and The Ohio State University.

  • Dom Cerminara

    Dom Cerminara


    Front End Software Engineer. Ex-athlete. Has seen 'Stop Making Sense' over 100 times. One of those annoying guys who moved to Austin. B.S. in Information Systems and Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Scott Schumann

    Scott Schumann, PhD


    Senior Content Developer and all-around nice guy. Music theorist by trade, weekend outdoor warrior by everything else. Has run marathons without training...twice. Chicago Blackhawks for life.

  • Paulo Camacho

    Paulo Camacho


    Social Media and Public Relations Intern. Music enthusiast, Tenor Extraordinaire, Sports Vlogger. Will talk your ear off if you dare talk sports with him. UC Davis, San Diego State, and TCU alum with degrees in sociology and journalism.

  • Jaclyn Wiggins-Camacho

    Jaclyn Wiggins-Camacho, PhD


    Handles all financial and legal issues. The main (only) voice of reason. Makes the world's best chocolate chip cookies. Chemist and edtechie by trade. Recovering violist.

  • Zackery Wilson

    Zackery Wilson, DMA


    Senior Content Specialist, composer, and pianist. Golfer by day, chiptune dude by night. The only acceptable penguins are the ones from Pittsburgh. Degrees from West Virginia University and The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Zack Stanton

    Zack Stanton, DMA


    Content Developer, composer, conductor, pianist, banjo enthusiast, and eminent wise-one. Wishes golfing was as easy as composing while wishing composing was as easy as golfing. Lecturer in music at the University of Iowa, teaching music theory and composition, and assists the New Music Ensemble.

  • Mala Kumar

    Mala Kumar


    User Experience Designer, interaction designer, and creative technologist. Enthusiastic about diasporic disco and bikes. Makes zines about minutia, Parsons MFA Design + Technology graduate.

  • Christine Boone

    Christine Boone, PhD


    Music Theory Content and Advisor. Singer, cat expert, and WBOM. Beatles, duh. Assistant Professor of Music Theory at UNC-Asheville, specializing in pop music, with a focus on mashups.

  • James Palmer

    James Palmer, PhD


    Content Developer and lanky Canadian. Music theorist, birder, long distance runner. Explorer of distant lands and local coffee shops. Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Olaf College. McGill and University of British Columbia alumnus. Musical humour, Classical music, Punch Brothers, Balinese gamelan.

  • Sydney Fowler

    Sydney Fowler


    QA Specialist. UIW Music Therapy 2019. Pianist. Both a dog and cat person.Ice-T is 100% the best detective on Law and Order: SVU .Played the oboe in middle school kind of.

  • Andrew Davis

    Andrew Davis, PhD


    Content Developer. Baltimore Ravens fan and highly-recruited intramural flag footballer. Composer by day, asleep by night. Degrees from Yale, Texas, UPenn, and Stanford.

  • Estevan Barrientez

    Estevan Barrientez


    Content Intern, dog whisperer, percussionist. Has seen The Office (U.S.) 6 times. UIW Music Industry Studies 2018.

  • Lucinda Esquivel

    Lucinda Esquivel


    QA Specialist. Loves cats and hates running. Knows all the lyrics to "I'll Never Break Your Heart" by the Backstreet Boys. Agrees that the perfect date is April 25th-not too hot and not too cold. Got a degree in singing from UIW.

  • Josh Barrios

    Josh Barrios


    QA specialist. Just a young boy whose dream is to become a web-slinging crime fighter in New York City. Dabbles in playing guitar and recently graduated with a degree in Music Industry Studies from UIW.

  • Rachel Lockerbie

    Rachel Lockerbie


    Singer/pianist from Seattle who likes to think she is reaching mediocrity at guitar & percussion. Can & will quote The Office at you. Has too many books & not enough dogs. Obtaining a BM specializing in Music Therapy with a minor in Music History.