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A curriculum that works for you

You choose what your students can do from our hundreds of lessons and exercises, covering music theory fundamentals, basic ear-training, and dictations. Want to include some of your own content or add material? Let's talk and make it happen!

Our Pedagogy

Learn by doing. We want students to interact with material immediately and often - whether they've read information from a textbook or are seeing notes for the first time. By making thoughtful, intuitive guesses and answers from the start, students can more quickly and meaningfully synthesize new concepts.

Error detection and correction. Feedback after every exercise allows students the chance to make and correct mistakes immediately and before "learning" errors.

Learn through repetition. Vital to the learning process is being able to practice new and familiar content. We avoid literal repetition and focus on getting students to approach the same concept from multiple angles.

Intrinsic motivation. Our lessons employ a simple games-based approach, which promotes more consistent engagement and builds student motivation throughout.